Adult Things

from by David Safran



for Eugene Field


And so the days go fleeting,
Can’t trust those candle spells –
It hurts my friends are breaking,
The worst is, they all do it well.
There is no golden thigh to view,
No Paris in the spring.
Yet I still feel a tingle or two
Waiting for adult things.

We slip away in the confusion,
We embrace and flee.
Nothing like sex to ruin
A sense of intimacy.
I know, I know, it’s tiring, dear:
Light people, lighter flings.
Yet some of us are smiling here
Waiting for adult things.

And they say desire is passing,
But I’ve wanted you from the start.
The prayers don’t change
With time or age –
Just spread to different parts.

Now I stand within the garden
At Holy Comforter.
There’s snow upon the marble
And a work that won’t endure.
I’m aging very fast these days.
I look for lines to sing.
And sometimes I go past play
Waiting for adult things.


from Delicate Parts, released May 22, 2012
David Safran / Anchorhold Music. ©2009



all rights reserved


David Safran Chicago, Illinois

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