Heretics, Witches, and Jews

from by David Safran



When I was young, my mother went famous –
Steinem, Thomas, and Pogrebin were near.
I still recall the waists of Second-Wavers;
I’ve been waiting 20 years to get back there –

To all those heretics, witches, and Jews.

I am a neutral being between the sexes.
My job is not to judge or exploit.
What excites me is human connection –
To mostly miss the point.

But heretics, witches, and Jews
I just can’t refuse.

Oh I’m afraid I don’t get played,
I cling now to the table.
The Muse would share her divine air:
It wasn’t worth a Kegel.

The difference isn’t great
Between men and women –
The only difference in fact:
What a man calls “eight”
A woman calls “seven”
But it’s really just six-and-a-half.

We’re the same sweet psychopath.


from Delicate Parts, released May 22, 2012



all rights reserved


David Safran Chicago, Illinois

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